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June 20, 2005
Tonight is my last night at home before I fly to Baltimore, back into Matthew's arms. I saw 14 family members in the nine days I was home, including my father at his army base. So I'm glad I got to see everyone. I missed Trevor, as he's at ROTC training in Washington state.

Tonight is also the last time I'm going to write an entry in this diary. I've just decided that it's time. I don't want to just fall off in my entries or stop without an explanation, so I'm closing Philothea officially. It has been a great three years, and thiank you to all my loyal readers. I hope that closing this will give me the impetus to actually keep in better touch with my friends, rather than directing them all to this poor substitute for interaction.

Now I begin private life. I expect it to be quite mundane, so it is good I'm stopping this now. Farewell.

11:57 p.m.
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