Life in the JVC

My housemates are gone

May 27, 2005

All my housemates are gone now. They left a day early because Donna is flying home for her brother's graduation, and Maureen and Barb are going to a concert in George, Washington. But I'll see them again this week for the retreat.

We had a pizza party for the 6th graders on Monday. Talita was telling me all the goods on the various relationships in the 6th grade. She dated one of the 6th grade boys in 4th grade (for four weeks...and eternity in elementary school). But she said she wasn't going to date anybody else until she could know for sure he wasn't her cousin. A concern in a small town.

I am so sad to be leaving Hays. Everybody keeps saying "Come back!" and I wish I could stay here forever. Its been especially hard since all my housemates are coming back for a second year, so I'm the one who's not returning. So all my housemates will be together, too. I think we had a really good community. The JVC office keeps asking us if we've had any conflicts, and we really haven't. Donna especially, I think, has been really good at defusing tense situations. They're a great group of women. I hope my replacement (also named Megan) will be nice.

10:14 a.m.
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